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Well, what a weekend! 3 days of brilliant music and entertainment and I’m incredibly proud to have been apart of it. Ramsbottom Festival is an award winning weekend featuring over fifty amazing artists and musicians including international acts, emerging UK talent and local heroes. I was the photographer for the Chameleon Stage which is run by the music promoting company Chameleon Productions. Over the weekend I saw some incredible acts here are some of the highlights:

We had over 25 acts performing through the weekend on the Chameleon Stage as well as our Silent Discos in the evenings whilst the Headlining act performed on the Main Stage and every single night we had people queuing out the door and round the corner which was brilliant!

If I had to choose my favourite act/s, (and usually I can’t because I love all genres of music and loads of different artists!) I would have to say Shauna Mackin (who was apart of the Irwell Sessions on Sunday afternoon. Her voice had incredible tone, and I was so impressed!) and Joseph Lofthouse. I’ve seen Joe play a couple of gigs now but this was the first time with his full band and it was utterly incredible!

Shauna Mackin absolutely rocking the Chameleon Stage on Sunday afternoon

When it comes to photography, live performance photography is in a league of its own! You cannot predict where the light is going to fall and how much your subject is going to move. But because of this, you can end up with some very dynamic and bold shots. You also have unpredictability of a smoke machine. If there’s too much smoke, you cant focus on your subject and the pictures come out really faded but just the right amount and you get the lovely creative effect that makes your pictures even more awesome!

Our Chameleon photo frame!
Our Chameleon photo frame!

I am proud to say that throughout the weekend, the only time I had to use my flash unit was when I was outside the tent taking pictures of people with our Chameleon Stage photo frame! I managed to get away with no flash when photographing the acts on stage by having my ISO set to 400 during the day (thanks to the positioning of the tent, we had great natural light all day every day!) and 1600 during the evenings! I also shot in RAW which made all the difference!! (Highly recommend it if you’re shooting in low light situations and you don’t want overlynoisy images)

Beautiful sunset on the Friday night over the main stage!

Overall, I can safely say this year’s Ramsbottom Festival was amazing! Between a few of the acts, I managed to see Jesca Hoop and Idlewild perform and both acts were outstanding! The weather also held out for us this year and it didn’t rain at all and we had some beautiful sunshine! A BIG thank you to Chameleon Productions for asking me to photograph the Chameleon Stage this year! Bring on Rammy Fest ’16!!  

The best team ever!

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