What Inspires Me: Part 2

Manchester City Centre

This may sound really strange but bare with me. I love the city. I’m fortunate enough to live within 5 miles of one of the UK’s ‘second capital‘ and one of Europe’s most cultural cities, MANCHESTER! If you haven’t guessed I love Manchester and I adore spending time in the city centre. I often get up stupidly early at 5am (I am not a morning person!) and travel into the centre to watch the city awaken. It’s one of my favourite things to photograph that doesn’t exclusively involve people. I walk around the different landmarks such as: Manchester Cathedral, Albert Square, St Ann’s Square just to name a few. Because Manchester is nearly always packed, getting there early, I can capture the city in all it’s glory! I do photograph it during the day as well but I adore those early morning shots when barely anyone else is around!

After taking photos for a couple of hours, I’ll go and sit in a coffee shop (if I had a preference, it would be Manchester Coffee Co. – best cappuccino ever!) and I’ll brainstorm ideas for shoots, plan meetings etc. The buzz and energy I get off being in the city, always makes me productive and inspires me to be more creative with my business.

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