What Inspires Me: Part 4

 Visiting Shows and Exhibitions

As I said before, Manchester is one of the most cultural cities in Europe and there’s a reason for that! But I won’t just narrow down my cultural inspiration to Manchester city centre. Summerseat Players is one of my favourite amateur theatre groups based in Ramsbottom. They’re put on 6/7 productions  every season & I aim to visit each one! Each show is thought provoking, funny and the quality of acting is always incredible! I am also a frequent visitor of Royal Exchange in St Ann’s Square, another brilliant venue for amazing theatre. I often visit Bury and Manchester Art Gallery as both exhibit some amazing pieces of art that I always enjoy studying and gathering inspiration from.

Love the Royal Exchange!

If you haven’t noticed, I am very visual person when it comes to inspiration and productive. Using my eyes and looking beyond what many people won’t think about, is part of what I do not only as my job as a photographer but also as something I love doing to keep my creative process alive. Whenever I feel stuck creatively, I will always do one of the 4 things I have mentioned in this series. I really hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into my different channels of inspiration. These are just a few of the things that keep me going as an artist and I hope you feel inspired as well.

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