Confidence in your own ability

As I started to write another post I became aware that I was just ranting and not making sense. That isn’t totally uncommon for me to be honest, as I’m not the best writer; I tend to work better with pictures than words.

Whenever I have writer’s block or lack confidence, I look for inspiration from other bloggers. This time I looked at a photographer’s blog I have been following, Jasmine Star. She is from Orange County, California. She is an incredible photographer and is a very good at motivational speaker and talks at many conferences on photography and blogging and has been voted as one of the best photographers in the world. I decided to read through some of her FAQ blog posts where people email her questions about all different aspects of her business and life. One particular post caught my eye; “Working Through Creative Depression”

So I’m sat here at stupid o’clock in the morning (If I can’t sleep, I will get up and work!) reading Jasmine’s post answering one of her reader’s questions having no motivation to be a photographer. I’m not depressed I know that for sure, but I can sometimes lack confidence and many different things pop into my head. “I’m not good enough” being one of them! Thinking with a clear head, I know I’m good enough, because people wouldn’t be asking to book me and clients and friends and family wouldn’t be recommending my services.

It’s something that I think anyone starting up a business has thought. “But what if I fail?” or “I just don’t think I’m cut out for this.” I found myself repeating these two phrases multiple times in the years I’ve been a photographer. There is always going to be the part of me that thinks I’m not going to succeed, the part of me that thinks that an unhappy client will put me out of business or I will just lose the spark of creativity and it’ll never come back. I have seen many people come through all sorts of battles and trails and they have still had the strength and self-belief to continue! Positivity and self-assurance are both key here. You should know you ARE good enough.

Any creative running a business needs to have confidence in their own ability. So that you know that you have the foundations and the skills to do the job right, and if you don’t or you feel you need a refresh or to learn more; to then be able to sign up for a course or go speak to someone in your field that has more experience and understanding.

Lacking in confidence is something I have begun to deal with. It’s the artist and perfectionist in me telling me “It’s not going to look like the idea you had in your head” But that voice is slowly getting smaller and smaller. The more clients that come up to me telling me that they love my work, or even just seeing how many likes and positive comments my pictures get on Facebook helps me a lot to reaffirm my belief that I’m good enough! And I can do this!

A quote I tell myself a lot is “I’ve got a long way to go, but I need to remember where I’ve come from” This is sooo true! Not just for me but for anyone who starts a business or project. I’ve looked back on the past two and a half years, at first thinking I’ve not made much progress, but that’s just wrong. I know I’ve come on heaps and bounds since I started and that in the following months and years, I will continue to grow.





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I am primarily a wedding photographer. However, I shoot events and commercial products.

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