Why is Wedding Photography so important?

In 2014, the average cost of a wedding in the UK was around £20,000! Some of you are probably thinking “How can you spend so much money on one day?!?” Well quite easily…

How does this relate to why wedding photography is important? Because even though weddings are very expensive, I would like to suggest that you should never compromise on the price of a professional wedding photographer and in this post I would like to explain why..


You may have heard some horror stories about someone’s wedding photos. They paid their mate with a good camera £100 to take a few snapshots and then let their guests take their own pictures. Then after the wedding and the honeymoon they sit down and look at the record of their special day and they are disappointed because the pictures aren’t the quality or the style they hoped for. Unless you also hire a videographer, your wedding pictures are going to be the one of the only lasting memories you have of your big day so if the pictures aren’t very good there is nothing they can do about it..

Wedding Photographers can spend years mastering their art. Not just the science and technical side of being a photographer, but also the composition and artistry of their work. With those years of experience, they can often predict certain aspects of a wedding down to the last funny detail. I know this from experience. When it comes to the moment where the vicar or registrar asks the guests “Does anyone know of any reason these two cannot marry?” There’s the awkward silence and the bride or groom (or both!) will pull a face of relief! It’s always such a fun moment to capture, and I only know that from experience and practise. There are countless moments like this that wedding photographer’s can predict with ease, where as someone with little or no wedding experience would struggle or completely miss.


Something often said about photography in general is that it’s an expensive hobby. Yes, that’s very true, and even more so if you’re running a photography business. It’s not just the thousands of pounds worth of cameras and lenses but the insurance, possible premise/studio costs, editing software, just to name a few. The common phrase ‘You get what you pay for’ is certainly true here.

When you are booking a professional wedding photographer, you are booking quality and experience. Quality gear that you can trust to produce high standard images and skill the photographer has gained to know how to use it. My camera is always in manual mode; I know exactly what to do in low light, outdoors with no shade and I can change my camera settings accordingly. I know how to use my flash to bounce off ceilings and walls so whomever I’m photographing doesn’t look completely washed out or blinded by my flash in their face. Again, photographers know these things from experience and knowing you’re gear EXTREMELY well.



A couple will always want to cherish their wedding day fro years to come. Jasmine Star says “I’m not just a photographer, I’m a curator. I capture a wedding and curate those memories into my images.” I think that’s very true. Your wedding pictures will probably be the only lasting way to remember your special day. When you are scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook, isn’t is lovely when you come across a really good picture? A picture that actually makes you stop and look. Maybe you liked it for it because it’s funny? Or maybe it’s composition and positioning? Or maybe because you thought “Wow, that’s beautiful.” I truly believe that wedding photographs should do all of that throughout an album. Having that creative eye to spot a great shot and make something so ordinary look so beautiful. You’ll look back in the years to come and know that paying that little bit extra was sooooo worth it.

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I am primarily a wedding photographer. However, I shoot events and commercial products.

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