What Am I Proud of in 2015?

A couple of days ago, Jasmine Star uploaded a blog post about look back on this year and not just thinking about everything that has happened but also what you’ve achieved and can be proud of.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.02.47

So here’s my list of the things I’m proud of:

  • I’ve been booked three times the amount of wedding I did last year.
  • I got involved with an incredible charity Annabelle’s Challenge!
  • I went on holiday with friends for the first time.
  • My Facebook page reached 500 likes (a goal I had set at the beginning of this year.)
  • I’m not ambidextrous and I’m starting to get better at doing my henna designs with my left hand.
  • I passed my driving theory test and it won’t be long before I take my practical.
  • My photos have featured in the local newspapers three times.
  • I learnt how to cook a really good Risotto.

What are you proud of this year? Leave a comment on her or Facebook and remind yourself of all the things you’ve achieved this year!

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