Highlights of 2015!

Well, what an incredible year! 2015 has turned out to be very exciting for Meg Thornton Photography and it’s all down to everyone who has supported me and believed in my vision as a photographer so a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has booked me or even just simply liked my page, I really appreciate it!!

So, with that said, let’s have a look at some of the highlights from this year….


I spent 4 months photographing Toys and Children’s products for a local design and distribution company. I was the official photographer and  I enjoyed it so much!  My work was featured in catalogues across the country including Tesco, Asda and Argos.


Bury Football Club

I started volunteering at Bury Football Club in January. I’m the fan photographer taking photos of everyone around the stands on match day enjoying themselves and all the pictures I take go on Bury’s Facebook page for people to tag themselves in. This picture above is from the abandoned match against Southend United. The night before there was torrential rain and during the match it began to pour it down so much the safety of the players was compromised and the game was abandoned.

Just under a month later, the match rescheduled and it was certainly tense. This is one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken at the football club. At this point, Bury were on the brink of promotion and this match was a clinch point…you can probably tell.IMG_1159

Annabelle’s Challenge

This was taken at the Annabelle’s Challenge Las Vegas themed Ball in April. The Bolton Lions Club provided 6/7 casino games with fake money and little and Annabelle and one of her close friends enjoyed it very much. Here they are counting their winnings…IMG_9780

Practise Portrait Shoot

I absolutely love this shot. I had just bought some new equipment and I asked me close friend Bethan to come to my studio so I could practise. She did extremely well and it was a lovely shoot.152705_0011

Butterwick Hospice

I was commissioned to photograph another charity ball for Butterwick Hospice. The organisers were friends with Kym Marsh (most famous for her role as Michelle in Coronation Street) and she kindly attended.  She was utterly lovely and donated so much in aid of the charity.IMG_1009

Ruth and Jordan’s Wedding Blessing

Ruth and Jordan asked me to photograph their wedding blessing in July. Ruth’s dad is a professional musician and had put together an arrangement of Jordan’s favourite song ‘Flash Gordon.’ A surprise for the couple and he certainly enjoyed it!IMG_1488

Family Shoot

I had a brilliant shoot with Mum Leanne, Dad Matty and little Lily-Rose and baby Henry back in September. They were a dream and Lily-Rose was very polite and whole family were lovely. I have known the Leanne and Matty for years as we went to school together. I love seeing children playing together and Lily-Rose was so proud to have a little brother (who was only a couple of weeks old) and it was beautiful to see.


Ramsbottom Festival

Photographing Ramsbottom Festival was definitely a highlight of 2015! I was the official photographer for the Chameleon Stage which was in it’s 2nd year. I photographed every act for the weekend and it was an incredible experience. I also got the chance to meet Mark Potter from Elbow (one of my all time favourite bands!) He was lovely and I even got a picture with him and it was the icing on the cake to end a brilliant weekend._MG_3688

Andrea and Nick’s Wedding

Andrea and Nick have been close friends of mine for over 3 years now and when they asked me to cover their wedding, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. This was my favourite wedding of the year! Andrea and Nick are madly in love and everyone can see. Their October wedding day was full of laughter and joy and I think this picture sums up their merriment and delight. The autumn leaves and all the trees made the scene very romantic and picturesque. _MG_9317

Heaton Park Walk

Just last month, I went on a walk into Heaton Park and it was so peaceful and beautiful. I was so glad I could spend some time away from the business of everyday life and running a business. Because I went towards to end of the afternoon, I managed to capture the start of the winter sunset. IMG_3347-2

Little Joseph’s Shoot

I’ve started doing a lot more family and children’s portrait sittings this year. From small babies to whole families. This was taken at my last portrait sitting of the year little Joseph’s face was an utter delight. He never cried and had plenty of toys to play with.


It’s always nice to see a happy face, when there’s some horrible things in the world around us. I take immense pride that I can photograph some many incredible people who bring joy to my work. I hope that you all enjoy 2016 and have a Happy New Year.





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