What could possibly go wrong?

Well we made it 2017 without losing Maggie Smith or David Attenborough… Thank goodness. 2016 has certainly been one of THOSE years. One that I can see being in a history textbook in the next 30 years.

For me, it’s certainly been a year to remember:

  • I moved out for the first time with my lovely boyfriend.
  • I started working for the NHS and was given my first permanent job working with teenagers with mental health illness’.
  • I went travelling around Europe.
  • My bookings doubled for 2017.
  • Plus many more…

I am slowly learning to accept my failures but focus on my accomplishments. I know I made many mistakes this year and had personal hardships, but if that’s all I focus on, I shall be one sad person, which if any of you have met me personally, is NOT me, at all. Positivity is key to my way of thinking. I’m the type of girl that says ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’

Everyone talks about New Years Resolutions. Diet plans? Gym membership? New starts? Yeah these are all good things to start focusing on if that’s what you want. But make a resolution because YOU want to…not because you think you should. Be beautiful in your own way, be content and be grateful for the opportunities around you.

I have many reasons to be optimistic about 2017. I will continue to grow my business as well as my role in the NHS. I will reach the big 21 and I will carry on loving and caring for my family and friends.

Happy New Year everyone! Keep smiling 🙂

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