“This could be the start of something new!”

I couldn’t help reference one of my childhood past-times…High School Musical will always be in my heart! (I’m sure as hell hoping that when you read the title of this blog that you sang along too!)


Since I started Meg Thornton Photography whilst I was still at college, it has gone through many changes. Being able to offer more to clients and growing as a company. I think it also comes with growing as a person. 4 years sometimes seems like a small amount of time but when put into consideration how much has happened in that time, it feels like so much longer.


This year, one of my goals is to focus on my business as much as possible. It’s my passion and in recent months I have lost touch with that. I need to re-fall in love with the art of photograph again. It’s been so easy for me to sit at home and watch TOWIE (sorry not sorry) and not be out expanding my brand and skill set.


I hope to bring more content, more fun and laughter to my blog posts, social media and brand as this year progresses. I hope you enjoy it!


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I am primarily a wedding photographer. However, I shoot events and commercial products.

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