Why Pinterest is a great tool, and lots of fun

It’s safe to say that I LOVE Pinterest! For people who are unaware of what Pinterest is… “An online service that allows you to share images through social networking. An example of Pinterest is the website where you have a “pin-board” that allows you to post ideas that you want to remember and then share them with your friends through Facebook.” You can have many different pin-boards and you can search through images just like you would on Google.



Now, obviously as a photographer, I love searching through different image topics to find inspiration for my own work. It’s so fascinating to see what people around the world can create and master. For me, it doesn’t stop there. I use Pinterest for recipe ideas, travel recommendations, fashion inspiration.. the list goes on!

So there’s why it’s lots of fun. Pinterest is also a fabulous tool for photographers like myself. I guess I’ve already outlined it. You post pictures to Pinterest and people pin them to their board, you’re gaining free marketing. Someone who’s looking for a wedding dress comes across my image. Some people may just look and move on, but others may see I’m a photographer, like my work and potentially book me. I’m not going to lie that’s all best case scenario. But it’s an easy way of getting your images out on the Internet for people to see and hopefully enquire about your services.






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