So it’s been a while…

I know, I’ve sucked at blogging but it’s also been a pretty hectic year:

  • I had the busiest wedding season yet
  • I have moved into my first house, which we are looking to buy in the next few months!
  • I continued in my role within the NHS
  • I got engaged! Before I get all the jokes about whether I will be covering my own wedding, I will not! I’ll be leaving that in the capable hands of a seasoned professional whilst I leave my camera at home.

Unfortunately, it has been at the bottom of the priority list. That however, has changed! Moving forward, I am going to be a lot more active on my blog and business, I will be posting weekly blog posts, talking about a range of issues; from artificial light vs natural light, to why it’s important to combat stress and allocate time for yourself. Not only will I be blogging more but I will also be more active on my social media and making sure all your questions have been answered and posting plenty of interesting content for your viewing pleasure! I am committed to my business and my online presence and have managed to plan future content which I’m super excited to share with you!

So ladies and gentlemen, I’m not going anywhere!


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