Quotes I live by

Honestly, there are that many quotes I love nowhere days, I could easily be here until Christmas listing them all. And obviously I can’t do that! So here are my top three quotes that I always try to stay true to.


I agree with this quote so much! Photography to is art but as the quote says, it’s the art of observation too. You have to be able to see things other don’t. You have to be able to anticipate the moment that nobody else would. It’s also the art of perception. Take weddings for example, I’ve had so many bride and grooms come to me saying they hate their photo being taken, yet on the day, you make them feel relaxed and of course, it’s the best day of their life, they’re glowing with happiness! Then they get the images back and go, oh my goodness, I love it!! You’re a curator and it’s your job to allow your subject to blossom. It’s something that I love doing on every single time I pick up my camera.


I’m not a trends type of person. I don’t like constant change, that’s just how I roll. I am quite a consistent character. So trends are not my thing. I have liked the same fashion, food, style, décor amongst many other things for the past 5 years. Whereas I look on social media and in the street and everything changes every couple of months. I’m not saying this is a bad thing as many people like that constant new thing or trend and it feeds there inner energy so to speak. But for me, once I like something, it takes a lot for me to then change my mind or find something new.


So this is one of my all time favourite quotes. I have considered for a long time getting it tattooed on me somewhere. I have always doubted my abilities even from when I was little. This quote reminds me to push myself, to go for it and to go out of my comfort zone. It’s pushed me to be a better person and to let myself do what I want to do. Yes these are very cheesy and cliché phrases but it’s so true.

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