What Kind of Photographer Am I?

I get this question quite often when describing what I do. “What do you do?” “How do you approach a shoot/event?”  I guess you can divide this question into two parts. My photographic style and how I am when I’m taking photos. So, I will answer in two parts.

Photographic Style

It took me a long time to pin down what my photographic style is. For anyone who is unsure what photographic style means, you can define it as ‘Your choice of subject matter, the way you light or style your subjects, your shooting angle, your post-processing style, or any combination of these and more.” Because I shoot broad range of subjects such as weddings, commercial products and events etc, my style can sometimes vary between subjects, but I have 3 consistent styles.

  1. Attention to detail – I very much capture the details. It’s something I trained myself to do when I first starting out in photography. Whether that be an aspect of a wedding day, or a buckle on a handbag.
  2. As natural as possible – I try and show the best of what’s there with the least interference. I find this the most realistic way of portraying my subject. This is also quite a popular style of photography at the moment. The days of spending hours strictly posing your client or subject are fading away.
  3. I direct when needed – This particular applies to weddings. I often know the photo I want in my mind and if for example, the groom just needs to turn their head slightly, I will ask them to do so. This isn’t necessarily posing the client, but I certainly feel it gets me the best results giving your subject a little nudge!

How Am When Photographing my subjects

I can safely say that I has taken me years to learn how to be a photographer but there are some aspects of the job I have never struggled with. I am friendly, open and honest with my clients. I have heard some horror stories of how photographers have been demanding, impolite and snobbish. Anyone who knows me will know that it’s not within my nature to be rude or short. I am warm, friendly and understanding. I will as many questions as needs to get the job done.

I am also aware that I’m being paid to do a job, and that means I need to concentrate. I’ve been told in the past that when concentrating, I frown a lot! It always seems to be in the context of me looking for the perfect shot or perspective on a subject. At first, I didn’t believe anyone, until my partner took a picture of me whilst photographing the fans at Bury FC, and I had a cracking frown and didn’t even know. So, I do apologise if you see me frowning whilst shooting, I’m not annoyed at all, it is purely out of concentrating… but I know it’s something I need to work on! So, there you have it, my brief overview into what kind of photographer I am. I could easily go into specifics for hours, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty to do with the rest of your day!

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I am primarily a wedding photographer. However, I shoot events and commercial products.

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