10 things you didn’t know about me – Part 1

So through December, it’s about time some of you got to know me. I will be posting 3/4 things each week you guys probably didn’t know about me. So, lets get cracking!

  1. I have loved to sing from a very young age – This comes from my mum. Growing up, my mum was a professional singer. As kids, me and my sister went to loads of different events and concerts that my mum performed at. I grew up in a very music orientated family, so it wasn’t a massive surprise that I found a great love in singing. My favourite memory of me singing was at high school. It was year 11 and we had a “Leaver’s Service” (I went to a C of E high school) and I had been chosen to sing as part of the service and I sang my GCSE Music performance piece which was my mum’s adapted version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Not many people at high school knew I could sing at seeing everyone enjoy it so much, is one of my happiest memories.
  2. Black coffee runs through my veins – I. Love. Coffee. It’s not the addiction to caffeine, although that is a very useful by-product. But I love the taste of coffee. I don’t mind lattes, cappuccinos etc but to me, there is nothing nicer than sitting down and reading your favourite book or watching your favourite film with a piping hot cup of black coffee. And I’m not talking just instant either. It warms my soul and makes me feel so happy.
  3. I’m now the proud owner of Holly the Labrador – I’ve always wanted a pet. But growing up, I didn’t want the responsibility of a pet. But as I’ve become an adult, I definitely wanted a dog. Sam, my husband’s family have had 3 family dogs growing up and as everyone grew up and flew the nest, we had a chance for Holly to come and live with us and we jumped at the chance. She’s a 10-year-old Black lab. We joke that living with us is her retirement home. She’s so chilled and really caring!

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