10 things you didn’t know about me – Part 2

  1. I adore steam trains – This comes from my dad. My favourite TV show growing up was Thomas the Tank Engine. In all honesty I still watch it to this day if I’m really poorly or feeling really crap. It’s my own little self soothe techniques! Anyway, I grew up watching the show and my dad grew up reading the books. It meant that I was surrounded by steam trains. On trips out as a kid, we went anyway that had a steam railway etc. I do think steam engines and how they work absolutely fascinating. I suppose steam trains give me very happy memories of my childhood and I love reliving that.
  2. I strive to lead a minimalist life – I hate clutter. Which is funny as any of my close family and friends would say I live in clutter. Doesn’t mean I don’t hate it. The phrase “tidy space, tidy mind” couldn’t ring truer for me. In my office, I try and keep it as clutter free as possible, the walls are white and bare and my bookcase with all my bits and pieces is behind me. I work at my best when there isn’t stuff around me to distract me. It also makes me calm when everything is in its place. I always try and keep it that way but as we all know life gets in the way and it means the house is not always the way I’d like it. But, I do try. I’ve watched many documentaries and read many how to guides about keeping your house tidy and having a little stuff as possible. It’s something I’m working on…
  3. I taught myself how to play the guitar aged 12 – As I’ve already mentioned, I grew up in a very music orientated family. My mum could play a fair few instruments, my dad was (and still is to this day) an audio engineer, my sister played the flute and we both were taught to play the piano. I wanted to do something different, so I started playing on my mum’s acoustic guitar. I got a basic chords book for my birthday and from the on in, I taught myself how to play. It’s something I don’t do much anymore and I should as it gives me such joy.

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