10 things you didn’t know about me – Part 3

  1. I have been on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ – No, I didn’t do my own wedding through Don’t Tell The Bride! A very good friend of mine was engaged and decided to enter the show on a whim and got in! My role was as the photographer (thankfully!) and I had couple of cameos too! I won’t divulge too much but if you want to watch, it’s on All4 and the episode is called ‘Dean and Kayleigh’
  2. I love football and F1 – I’ve always loved football! I played a little bit when I was younger but due to joint problems growing up, it meant that my actual sports activity was limited. But I’ve always loved watching it. It’s how me and my husband met. I went to Bury FC every few home games with my best friend and he said they were looking for a fan photographer for match days and my husband Sam had just joined the media team. I also love Formula 1. My dad watched it for years and I instinctively joined in and grew to love it myself. So now every race weekend, I watch as much F1 as I can!
  3. I would love to live in Scandinavia, if I had the guts! – I love the Scandinavian way of life. All the different Scandinavian countries have such a value of wellbeing, family and simplicity. I would love to live there, either Sweden or Denmark I think. But I don’t have the balls to move out of Greater Manchester, let alone a different country!!
  4. My mum is a vicar and she is the one who married me and my husband – Yeah, I have a very interesting family! After my mum was a professional singer, she decided to devote her life to becoming a Methodist Vicar. She was ordained in 2012 and has a lovely church in Whitefield, Greater Manchester where she also runs a soft-play area and community hub! Once me and Sam got engaged, we couldn’t think of anyone better to marry us than my mum.

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