So it’s been a while…

I know, I’ve sucked at blogging but it’s also been a pretty hectic year:

  • I had the busiest wedding season yet
  • I have moved into my first house, which we are looking to buy in the next few months!
  • I continued in my role within the NHS
  • I got engaged! Before I get all the jokes about whether I will be covering my own wedding, I will not! I’ll be leaving that in the capable hands of a seasoned professional whilst I leave my camera at home.

Unfortunately, it has been at the bottom of the priority list. That however, has changed! Moving forward, I am going to be a lot more active on my blog and business, I will be posting weekly blog posts, talking about a range of issues; from artificial light vs natural light, to why it’s important to combat stress and allocate time for yourself. Not only will I be blogging more but I will also be more active on my social media and making sure all your questions have been answered and posting plenty of interesting content for your viewing pleasure! I am committed to my business and my online presence and have managed to plan future content which I’m super excited to share with you!

So ladies and gentlemen, I’m not going anywhere!


Why Pinterest is a great tool, and lots of fun

It’s safe to say that I LOVE Pinterest! For people who are unaware of what Pinterest is… “An online service that allows you to share images through social networking. An example of Pinterest is the website where you have a “pin-board” that allows you to post ideas that you want to remember and then share them with your friends through Facebook.” You can have many different pin-boards and you can search through images just like you would on Google.



Now, obviously as a photographer, I love searching through different image topics to find inspiration for my own work. It’s so fascinating to see what people around the world can create and master. For me, it doesn’t stop there. I use Pinterest for recipe ideas, travel recommendations, fashion inspiration.. the list goes on!

So there’s why it’s lots of fun. Pinterest is also a fabulous tool for photographers like myself. I guess I’ve already outlined it. You post pictures to Pinterest and people pin them to their board, you’re gaining free marketing. Someone who’s looking for a wedding dress comes across my image. Some people may just look and move on, but others may see I’m a photographer, like my work and potentially book me. I’m not going to lie that’s all best case scenario. But it’s an easy way of getting your images out on the Internet for people to see and hopefully enquire about your services.






“This could be the start of something new!”

I couldn’t help reference one of my childhood past-times…High School Musical will always be in my heart! (I’m sure as hell hoping that when you read the title of this blog that you sang along too!)


Since I started Meg Thornton Photography whilst I was still at college, it has gone through many changes. Being able to offer more to clients and growing as a company. I think it also comes with growing as a person. 4 years sometimes seems like a small amount of time but when put into consideration how much has happened in that time, it feels like so much longer.


This year, one of my goals is to focus on my business as much as possible. It’s my passion and in recent months I have lost touch with that. I need to re-fall in love with the art of photograph again. It’s been so easy for me to sit at home and watch TOWIE (sorry not sorry) and not be out expanding my brand and skill set.


I hope to bring more content, more fun and laughter to my blog posts, social media and brand as this year progresses. I hope you enjoy it!


What could possibly go wrong?

Well we made it 2017 without losing Maggie Smith or David Attenborough… Thank goodness. 2016 has certainly been one of THOSE years. One that I can see being in a history textbook in the next 30 years.

For me, it’s certainly been a year to remember:

  • I moved out for the first time with my lovely boyfriend.
  • I started working for the NHS and was given my first permanent job working with teenagers with mental health illness’.
  • I went travelling around Europe.
  • My bookings doubled for 2017.
  • Plus many more…

I am slowly learning to accept my failures but focus on my accomplishments. I know I made many mistakes this year and had personal hardships, but if that’s all I focus on, I shall be one sad person, which if any of you have met me personally, is NOT me, at all. Positivity is key to my way of thinking. I’m the type of girl that says ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’

Everyone talks about New Years Resolutions. Diet plans? Gym membership? New starts? Yeah these are all good things to start focusing on if that’s what you want. But make a resolution because YOU want to…not because you think you should. Be beautiful in your own way, be content and be grateful for the opportunities around you.

I have many reasons to be optimistic about 2017. I will continue to grow my business as well as my role in the NHS. I will reach the big 21 and I will carry on loving and caring for my family and friends.

Happy New Year everyone! Keep smiling 🙂

Henna.. and why I love it.

Two years ago, me and my best friend were performing at Ramsbottom Festival and being the best friends that we are, we wanted to be cool and matching. She knew how to draw with henna & offered to give us matching designs. From the moment I saw the finished result.. I loved it.

So I thought, why the hell can’t I do that?

I bought some henna cones from eBay and started practising. At first, my designs were small and rubbish. But after months of practise, I started to get better and the designs would get bigger. I bought design books and constantly looked on Pinterest for new ideas.

Two years later and I still love it. Here’s some of my designs….

From The Archive: Charlotte + Kieran

There’s nothing as heartwarming as remembering your wedding day. So here’s a look back on Charlotte + Kieran’s wedding slideshow….

Working Two Jobs

Last year, the Financial Times estimated that 1.2 million people in the UK work multiple jobs. I am one of them. And I love it.

Most of you are probably thinking what my other job is. I work for the NHS as a Nursing Assistant on an In-Patient Psychiatric Unit. Yeah I know, VERY different to a Wedding Photographer. But that’s what I love about it, they’re two totally different jobs, but two subjects I’m very passionate about.

Mental health is something very close to my heart. I know a lot of family and friends who have had mental health related issues, I think we all do. It’s something I think everyone can be touched by in their lifetime, just like they could get physically unwell. It’s exactly the same. I want to be able to care for people when they are a rock bottom. And being able to take part in that care is something I take pride in. When I see a patient discharged, I can’t help but be content.

Now don’t get me wrong there are down sides to working two jobs. The lack in days off, the constant workflow and general fatigue is a major problem. Most weeks, I don’t see much of my family and friends. Some days I come home having done 4 or 5 days of 12-hour shifts in a row and all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for a week. It can also be emotionally draining, both as a photographer and a mental health worker and everyday is a rollercoaster. But IT’S SO WORTH IT!

Since leaving college, my passion for work has only increased. I want to be able to contribute to the people around me as well as society. I’m a giver, I think that’s just who I am. I provide services through my photography and give care to the patients on the ward.

If you had said to me 3 or 4 years ago that I would be working two jobs by the age of 20, I’d have laughed. But this is what I love. This is what I want. This is what I do.

Ramsbottom Festival ’16

Well, I’m here a year later and it’s safe to say, WHAT AN AMAZING WEEKEND! The weather was beautiful, the crowds were overwhelming and the vibes were soooo good!

Once again, I was covering the Chameleon Stage which was put together by the amazing Chameleon Productions team. We had around 15 acts on over the weekend and the quality of music was incredible and even better than last year! i couldn’t be more proud to be apart of it and here’s some of my images from the weekend…

Jordan Drinkwater
Sittin’ Pretty
Team Chameleon!

If you want to see more of my images.. visit here

Shaun + Rachel’s Wedding

It was such a beautiful day. Sunshine, beautiful venue, happy days.

Here’s a sneak peak of their wedding day.

Autumn is my favourite

If you had said to me as a child that I would love the season Autumn over all others, I would have laughed in your face. I used to HATE it. I hated the wet weather, i hated big fat coats and I hated the cold. But in recent years, my views have changed.

Cosy coats. Autumnal colours. Warm baths. Chelsea Boots. Leaves falling. Walks through the park.

Beautiful. I can’t wait to scrap my shorts and flip flops for big scarves and warm jumpers.

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