From the Archive: Emma + Mike

On winter day like today, let’s have a look at hot summer wedding! This was a wedding I’ll never forget. I absolutely loved it!! Emma and Mike’s reception venue was safely one of my favourites. Purely because they built it from the ground up. They hired Tepees and made their own venue in a fieldContinue reading “From the Archive: Emma + Mike”

What Kind of Photographer Am I?

I get this question quite often when describing what I do. “What do you do?” “How do you approach a shoot/event?”  I guess you can divide this question into two parts. My photographic style and how I am when I’m taking photos. So, I will answer in two parts. Photographic Style It took me aContinue reading “What Kind of Photographer Am I?”

What Inspires Me: Part 2

Manchester City Centre This may sound really strange but bare with me. I love the city. I’m fortunate enough to live within 5 miles of one of the UK’s ‘second capital‘ and one of Europe’s most cultural cities, MANCHESTER! If you haven’t guessed I love Manchester and I adore spending time in the city centre. I often getContinue reading “What Inspires Me: Part 2”