Why I love this picture…

This is one of my all time favourite pictures I’ve taken so far in my career. Why? Because… The girls were not only bridesmaids, that morning they became cousins and were thick as thieves! This picture was taken when the groom was insisting everyone sing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” during his speech at the weddingContinue reading “Why I love this picture…”

How has Wedding Photography changed in the last 10 years or so?

  In the last ten or so year, wedding photography has definitely changed. Some absolutely brilliant changes, others more concerning. Going back to the late 90s, early 00’s, film was still considered the best way to photograph a wedding. But along came digital which would completely redefine photography. Instead of having to wait for your negatives toContinue reading “How has Wedding Photography changed in the last 10 years or so?”

Why is Wedding Photography so important?

In 2014, the average cost of a wedding in the UK was around £20,000! Some of you are probably thinking “How can you spend so much money on one day?!?” Well quite easily… How does this relate to why wedding photography is important? Because even though weddings are very expensive, I would like to suggestContinue reading “Why is Wedding Photography so important?”

Wedding Photography, how and why?

I know I’ve been somewhat vague with the title. When approaching what I was going to blog about, when I thought of wedding photography in particular, two questions came into my head: Why is wedding photography important? How has wedding photography changed in the last 10 or so years? I’m going to do a twoContinue reading “Wedding Photography, how and why?”

Confidence in your own ability

As I started to write another post I became aware that I was just ranting and not making sense. That isn’t totally uncommon for me to be honest, as I’m not the best writer; I tend to work better with pictures than words. Whenever I have writer’s block or lack confidence, I look for inspirationContinue reading “Confidence in your own ability”

What Inspires Me: Part 4

 Visiting Shows and Exhibitions As I said before, Manchester is one of the most cultural cities in Europe and there’s a reason for that! But I won’t just narrow down my cultural inspiration to Manchester city centre. Summerseat Players is one of my favourite amateur theatre groups based in Ramsbottom. They’re put on 6/7 productions  every seasonContinue reading “What Inspires Me: Part 4”

What Inspires Me: Part 3

Interacting with other creative people and photographers! I’ll be honest, this is something I have to remind myself to do every now and again, not because I don’t want to but because in the chaos that can sometime be day-to-day life, I can forget! But for me, it’s well worth doing. I thrive off people’sContinue reading “What Inspires Me: Part 3”

What Inspires Me: Part 2

Manchester City Centre This may sound really strange but bare with me. I love the city. I’m fortunate enough to live within 5 miles of one of the UK’s ‘second capital‘ and one of Europe’s most cultural cities, MANCHESTER! If you haven’t guessed I love Manchester and I adore spending time in the city centre. I often getContinue reading “What Inspires Me: Part 2”

What Inspires Me: Part 1

Well, I’m back! Sorry for not posting in the past couple of weeks, it’s been absolutely crazy! But I’ve finally managed to sit down and write a few blog posts for you! We all have our different channels of inspiration. Whether it’s for your own personal growth, or your work. I know that my parentsContinue reading “What Inspires Me: Part 1”