Autumn is my favourite

If you had said to me as a child that I would love the season Autumn over all others, I would have laughed in your face. I used to HATE it. I hated the wet weather, i hated big fat coats and I hated the cold. But in recent years, my views have changed. CosyContinue reading “Autumn is my favourite”

Beautiful Morning In Nice

Well, apologises for not blogging in a while. It’s been a rather hectic 4/5 months but here I am again! It’s 5:55am here in Nice, France and I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous sunrise. The beautiful trees surrounding the French countryside, it’s amazing and so utterly peaceful. I’m here on holiday with my partnerContinue reading “Beautiful Morning In Nice”

Autumn in December.

I’m incredibly lucky to live right next door to Heaton Park. It makes for a great location for photo shoots but also really nice walks to unwind. Yesterday I decided after spending most of the week at my desk that I would take a wonder. I ended up taking a trail I had never seenContinue reading “Autumn in December.”